• Public Offer
  •   Real estate firm BPTP, which aims to raise Rs 1,500 crore through an initial public offer, will utilise around Rs 1,000 crore from the proceeds to develop its existing and future projects.

  • Future Projects
  •   The realty firm would utilise Rs 514 crore for the payment of development charges to the government authorities for its ongoing and future projects.


When you shop around for your refinance, finding the best mortgage rate is only part of the process. Refinance customers also need to shop around among different types of financial institutions. Do you prefer the anonymity of an online-only bank or face-to-face meetings with a loan officer? Your refinance experience will vary according to the type of lending institution you choose.

    • National banks
    •   Larger banks typically offer lower fees because they do so many loans, says Sam Garcia, founder and publisher of MortgageDaily.com in Dallas.

    • Community banks
    •  Community banks tend to be more flexible in their lending standards than larger banks," Garcia says. "They often hold more of their own loans rather than selling them on the secondary market, which makes them more flexible

    • Credit unions
    •  Garcia says credit unions offer a similar experience to a community bank, but you need to belong to the credit union to borrow money.

    • Online-only lenders
    •  The fact that a lender handles all transactions online shouldn't be a determining factor unless you prefer a face-to-face meeting," Garcia says.There's nothing inherently good or bad about online-only lenders, although it's best if you can deal with the same person throughout the loan process