Malati Nivas Ventures

Malati Nivas Ventures
Malati Nivas Ventures : Amaravathi Road, Vundavalli, Guntur Dt.

  • Completion of Venture            30(2Bed Room Flats)
  • Total Flats             15(3 Bed Room Flats)
Malati Nivaas is a pleasant location for beautiful home to live in peacefully.

Step in to your distinctively drawn new plots at Amar Chandrahas Developers. Experience harmony wrapped in a spacious & charmingly green envelope of life located at Amaravathi Road, Vundavalli, Guntur Dt. With area spread over 175 acres at Amar Chandrahas Developers you live an accessible life with classiness.

It has the different categories of flats ordinary and deluxe flats and each one has its specifications and also the requirements and amenities change accordingly. The flats are of various sizes combining with plinth, common and parking area the total square feet sizes are 1194, 1432,1342 and 1578.

The well crafted plots are in a urban gated community with bordering compound wall. Plots in the HMDA layout of Amar Chandrahas Developers will indeed be an asset to be owned for enthusiasts looking for a luxury life or prudent investment in reality space.